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>> wednesday. >> i knew that we were going to be doing it. >>-dair >> this is what is it is all about, fa(state song) >> willie mays! the gold and land. san francisco, >> we deserve to soak this and a lead
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>> bruce boccy! >> the tax line would be never say die the tagline. we had some key team members echoed down in the early part of the season is getting down to st. louis, the reds, and we never say die. and that last game against detroit. which the first time we got behind and we never say die. >> when we struggled during the year i thought of the 42,000 fans that were planning on the field. that only gave us more courage. more energy to play hard for you. >> cincinnati were not as loud as you. we want to st. louis there were not as loud as you. quite frankly to
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towards france were not even as loud as you and that is why we won. the detroit fans were not as loud as you. >> you better be proud. you need to be proud. and make sure that we are all world series champions orange and black in san francisco. >> everybody joins me with the ha hands in the air. and we will bring this in the with a slow clap. ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra the ladies and gentleman, the one and only tony bennett! san francisco above the
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balloon and when the ec.windy city when i come home to you the windy sea when i come home to you, the gold in the sun, will shine for me. >> thank you very much. >> what a beautiful day. this live look from the sky 4 it ended about 3:00 p.m. and you can see people leaving the city there is a line from the block at the ferry boat. people trying to get home it could take them quite some time. news crews
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for out along the parade route keeping it covered from every angle. from the civic center plaza, market towards fourth street. our team coverage starts with grant lotus. >> if we are live at the civic center plaza and the clean up is underway. dozens of people working feverishly stacking up chairs and removing the portable fencing just as fast as this entire thing went up it is coming down. the baseball season is officially over. with 1 million fans packed these areas and surrounding streets around city hall. they were deedee. wishing their fans and thanking them. they were giddy. we were all along the parade routes and some of these players were just as excited as the fans. >> these players and fans
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support each other every day and it is exciting, what is amazing, this city is deserving look of the support the we have. how this is real, this is what it is all about. unbelievable, unbelievable, is great! >> hall is the elbow? how is
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that elbow? >> the surprise ending of tony bennett singing " i left my heart in san francisco ". many people using their phones to record that and many people took pictures. celebrating their giants' success of 2012, and 2010. a giant celebration. speaking of pictures message on facebook. or even elf@breakingbreaking news-@ krom -- they just celebrated a another world series. kron 4 news. >>ja th imp mayor said this was going to be a family affair and certainly that is taken to heart. there are players with the family members. waving and high fives and in this pact
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section. well, they also brought their families to end their packed it was totally worth it and why take the children out of school? >> it was so exciting. how many times would this happen? >> you know i think you are supposed to be in school today? >> yes! >> yes. >> are you going to remember this forever and ever and ever? >> yes, and san francisco, terisa estacio, kron 4. >> the first thing i noticed that stockton were how many kids there were in the crowd. a lot of parents let their children skip school. >> who is your favorite? >> brian wilson. >> a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> it was a one half day it was a no-brainer. >> and i asked the teachers
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and they said go to the parade. >> is a lifetime memory. there is always telling but there is not always a time when we can celebrate the giants. >> i wanted to go to school but i'm here with my friends. >> just once in a lifetime. you never know when they're going to win it next. >> every now and then you have to let it go. >> if she is not going anywhere, she is going to go straight to the city. >> i work for the high school district court >> the giants! >> the giants! >> it was the place to be the entire city was and joined the giants parade. never buddy order was having a great time they were enjoying the giants parade. there are not at work. there were not at school. -nearly everybody was out here--
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>> did you guys cooto to skip school and work? >> yes. >> it was awesome. >> and they know that i am here and i am not going to go back to work. >> there was a mexican and and >> what would you normally be doing today? >> normally i would be in school. why are you not in school? >> because i love the giants! >> people tell me that it is time to go and get some candy for halloween trick or treating. some people waited for hours to get their liveeyeholto just get a glimpsef their favorite players the rear as early as 5:00 a.m. we have you covered if you did not see it? we will abased special commercial-
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free rebroadcast on comcast 193. a special-broadcasting and also this is a rebroadcast tomorrow at 9:00 again that is on comcast 193 towar >> the rainfall did stay away for the giants parade but it is on the way right now it could impact recorders. how to trick or treaters. that rain along the coast line and it is going to continue pressing south the satellite and radar is going towards the north bay. as it moves towards 6:00 p.m., the future cast continues to show through santa rosa. 7:00 p.m., petaluma, and even san francisco. by 8:00 p.m., the north bay will be impacted. we will time it out on future cast and lingering showers. coming up with your 30 commute
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details. >> developing news on the east coast as clearing skies the first hand devastation of hurricane superstore sand superstore. more details on that, with the massive cleanup the super storm sandy
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>> the cleanup from the super storm is only going to get worse this is from the mid jersey shore purifiers,
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and the death toll is over 40. this is from the jersey shore. experts predicted this could be one of the costliest deadlies-natural-disas with billions of dollars in lost and business revenue. president obama gave us a first hand look. the efforts to clean up and rebuilt. >> president obama joining chris christie of storm ravaged new jersey. this took the worst battering from sandy. with the blue skies came a clear picture of the damage. the iconic seaside heights amusement park on the jersey shore to the ravaged queens. a fire, flooding. >> lower manhattan the appearance of the business as usual with me your b bloombe where trading was halted monday,
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tuesday. however, but flooded tunnels and power outages clogging public transportation there is a long way for returning to normal. >> this is a long term recovery effort. that is how we need to think about it. >> across the hudson in hoboken, new jersey the national guard were helping thousands of residents trapped by floodwaters. and worn out by the last couple of days. there we are trying to regroup. and i have to come back. >> elisabeth krondon kron 4, >> the portion of lower manhattan was in the dark on tuesday evening. take a look but brooklyn is lit up what a sight. the utility company made 1.9 million people are still without power tonight. and still, a stunning video of search & rescue of this
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from helicopter 23 overstaffed island, new york on tuesday this is named after 23 police officers that lost their lives on 911. theycued a family, and a child can get away from that inundated area. hurricane sandy damaged trees, homes, floods, many parts of the north east but check out this video. it will showcase is the strength. the wind upper did a massive tree in the back yard. this is an long island. nobody hurt. and the gas explosion also sparked a fire in new jersey. and officials said a difficult time getting those flames out. they were not able to get to the barrier islands because of the sand the fire could have been caused from a break in the gas line. if you're going to get gasoline
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in new jersey? get in line. people were even going on foot. and a $20 tap was just making sure that everybody is able to get some fuel. >> stay with kron 4 as we continue to follow the aftermath of super storm sandy. >>jacqueline: this live look over downtown denver and cisco 83 looking picture. we are also seeing cloudy skies on the east bay and the entire bay area. a-jur really dreary looking picture with spotty showers overnight a lingering the. some heavy rainfall for the morning commute and decreasing but still cooler. we will warm
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it back up for the weekend. still, what you're expecting the the satellite amber stand radar finally trying to trip across northern california and the northern bay areas as we speak. if you're not out truck retreating that rain is coming. this larger view from that showing if your not trick or treating right now? perhaps right now because of this subtropical moisture as we can see on the satellite & radar. first in the north bay. and by 6:00 p.m. heavy through the santa rosa area and also through petaluma. the entire north bay is impacted and also vallejo is seeing heavier rainfall. 9:00 p.m. towards san francisco, oakland, the peninsula. and by 10:00 p.m. heavy through the bay area. by midnight pretty much every place will be impacted. overnight, a
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bit spotty but still areas of heavy rainfall here, they're over san francisco. as we go for the morning commute over hayward. fremont, and the showers could be tapering off. clearing skies but some pop up showers through the santa cruz mountains. taking a look at the rainfall totals. i do not know if i believe this. i think that we're going to see more on the future cast. perhaps one- quarter of 1 in.-one half inch. towards the valley? perhaps 1 in. and even more than that. and let us take a look at our extended forecast. that rain tonight, tomorrow with improving conditions and friday with fog. that will grow allowing sunny skies.
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>> let us take a look of the commute taking a look at the golden gate. as jacqueline mentioned that fog but it is moving along nicely.
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>> through the giants post season run our viewers, thank you. so many pictures celebrating the success. people lining up to get a great spot. this was sent before 5:00 a.m. you can see these fans huddled. take a look at the next photograph. these of gadorable-children. she looks a little unhappy but it was pandemonium in the streets. paublo still getting a lot of love. and i guess that is something that you will only see in san
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francisco. and if you think that that is a pocket flare? but that is appalling kitcat bar. however, this is in halloween detaine deemed---themd kit kat bar... and happy halloween, everyone
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>>jacqueline: the rainfall coming up typing it out coming back ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation.
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to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. >> announcer:a developing story >> there are two people shot shortly after the world series. this was near leavenworth at the
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tenderloin district. many people are at the celebration another is a gunman? >> absolutely. this could be celebrated to the parades they were both wearing shaw giant gear. the one was shot in the torso. this was at the intersection of leavenworth/turk. the police left about one hour ago. they arrived at 2:30 and left about 4:30 arriving with processing evidence. the street between turkey and golden gate was shut down with two people shot. one person in the stomach the other person in the upper body. the person that was shot wiz in the stable condition. however, the life-threatening condition is in surgery at a local hospital. the gang task force for the san francisco is involved in this
5:31 pm
investigation. and investigators are investigating this video from surveillance looking for any possible clues as to the gunman was. they do not have much information to go on and many people were running away they will release any information as soon as they capture it possibly from the surveillance video. >> we will also bring you updates at 10:00 p.m. >> our coverage continues with hundreds of thousands of people flooded into the city to celebrate the champions. kron 4 news crews were they're bringing it live to you as it happened. and maureen kelly got
5:32 pm
reactions from the giants. >> i am here with pablo sandoval or you feeling today? >> great. >> you have hundreds of thousands of people screaming your name that has to be great. >> it is exciting. it has been to the championships in three years i am blessed to be part of this group. >> ryan vogelsong you are getting ready to go in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans how do you feel? >> it is going to be special. me and my family will never forget. >> aubmr. hough. how are you feeling? >> it is amazing. huff.;... hundreds of thousands of people screaming your name and showering you with confetti it must feel amazing? >> this is what it is all about. the fans are what
5:33 pm
make it. >> i am here with buster posy how are you feeling? >> this is fun, exciting, i get to share this with a city like this. this moment with the fans is really special. this is pretty incredible! the almost see more excited than the year 2010. >> lopez? >> this is awesome! one of the best dreams as a ballplayer. to make a separatparade this is what it is all . >> did you ever think that you were in this seat? >> this is a dream, amazing. >> how the err the javiar lopezs asking.
5:34 pm
>> financiaangel pagan.. >> the fans and icy angel in the outfield, and signs that say " put on and i see many sigs that say pagan... they are cheering you on, maureen kelly kron 4. >> it was not just the giants at the san francisco 49ers were also spotted. alex smith carrying matt caned. here is the football player taken in the celebration. >> seen parts of their journey and the entire city be part of it i got a taste of what could happen for us. seen parts of it. >> that began at 11:00 a.m. and it is finally winding
5:35 pm
down. cleanup crews are beginning and even fans are helping up. and collecting confetti as a souvenir. the maintenance crews have already starting to tackle. >> this big crowd that means a big mess in the san francisco officials did not waste any timing. take a look on main and street. just a short time all of the players went through these areas with one, 2, 3, 4, five trucks. just in this general area. everybody is cleaning it up some market street can be spic and span after this event. >> it was a big day for fans and also part of the celebraton already 160,000
5:36 pm
exit's at 9:00 a.m. from bart they are estimating 30,000 more people using it in 2010. 13,000 more people. using bart and the 2010 celebration and also comcast 193 will have that tonight and also tomorrow at 9 and friday night. 24/7 news & weather. san francisco police have caught a man had vandalized a minibus at third/market on monday. just after monday, that public muni bus. gregory granice.. is making more arrests in this investigation. >>jacqueline: with more
5:37 pm
rainfall moving through. heavy rainfall with at least light rain in this hour. heavy near windsor and also near hillsboro. skirting some of that near rohnert park and also stinson beach weather cells pushing through. near golden gate, you can see however, we could see more through the evening. timing it out on future cast, coming up. just one week before election. even as they turned their
5:38 pm
attention towards the storm the politics were not that far away. >> president obama cancelling official stops on the campaign trail. however this was a stop at the red cross. >> we are with you and would do anything with you to do everything we can do to give you back on your feet. >> this is amazing imagery a invaluable, the president on the case in the situation room. medtronic called off his event but stayed in ohio. with his mother. inviting reporters to watch them back food for hurricane dictum. >> we of heavy hearts. >> is this certainly looks like a campaign rally he has restricted his remarks only
5:39 pm
to the storm. to many people say that the storm goes on. >> this working relief and wisconsin paul ryan another battleground state. the vice president spoke to people in ohio. >> i've never seen a guy so focused there is nothing about the power of incumbency but the power of politics can be complicated. an example is that one of these persons is one of the most influential supporters of mitt romney. now he is seeking praise. >> i was on the phone with the president, personally. he has expedited his expedition of new jersey, a disaster area. the president has been outstanding. >> a great moment 14 romney. chris christie was not the only one in his path. there were also on a presidential
5:40 pm
call on thursd tuesday. >> as a reminder require extended live coverage on election night. on eight p m. you can also stay updated on our website kron 4 .com we will be right back.
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>> and today's market update. let us take a look to the numbers the dow jones was falling in the s&p was up just a little bit. the trading was the longest weather-related closure of the new-york stock exchange since the massive blizzard in 1888. >> wall street was open for business, finally. mayor blacbloomberg-it was so important that many people wanted to close positions. >> businesses needed some
5:44 pm
transactions and a half access to with permission, this is it and this was a pretty big deal and a pretty big storm. since ni with 1888 was the last time. >> over $4 billion. >> it was like mickey mouse meeting yodahh. and disney purchase lucas films half after they purchased marvel. this is $15 billion in characters including. george lucas is the no. 2 shareholder and also the dates/buffet charity holder.
5:45 pm
>> how about a loser and that is apple what is going on? the word on the wall street journal that they did not want to sign an apology that is why he was terminated? >> what they did was it is a joke. 'siri however, if the of talent that does not deliver. it is overhauling management. you will get management chaos. and johnnie ivy who was the industrial designer is cutting a lot more support and a larger role. he could be the next ceo of apple. >> the cost and the value of halloween billions of dollars? >> $8 million on decorations. costumes, candy and money spent on these, movies, and an alcohol consumption. alcohol
5:46 pm
consumption is up 20-25%. and halloween, as far as the haunted house association with $500 million in tickets. and this is a big event. $10 billion. new jersey cancelled halloween. because of safety. i do not know if it is going to live up to its execution. >> and san francisco do you think this bridge will help or hurt? >> i hate it because ticket prices are going to ultimately go up. and stub hub they were a big winner fox was a big winner. they're losing viewers but perhaps they recapped some of those few words. and american idol as possible coming back. >> happy halloween.
5:47 pm
>> happy halloween. >>jacqueline: the live look at the golden gate you can see the pavement is still trying.dry quite a different picture with the rainfall pushing through santa rosa. the pavement a still--dry. petaluma, but heavier rainfall expected through windsor, galesburg pushing through santa rosa. in the next 30 minutes-one hour it could press through the south in the north bay. we will time it out on future cast and we will see that rainfall approaching the north bay. basically it is right on time we will start to see more widespread showers and heavy showers to the north bay. and have the remaining term napa, petaluma, and edging through vallejo. and also san
5:48 pm
francisco. if you have plans to go trick or treating south of the golden gate you might want to start, now! that rainfall is going to begin. and as we begin towards 9:00 p.m. heavy rainfall will press through san francisco. towards the heart of the bay by 10:00 p.m. san jose, and by midnight widespread rainfall even pockets of heavy rainfall. to the north bay and san francisco and overnight we will continue to see spotty showers. some of those could be heavy. b 2:00, 2:00 a.m.-5:00 a., heavy weather cells for the commute fremont, hayward. and as we look for the rest of the morning we will start to see improving conditions and the possibility of lingering showers. with the afternoons. as we look at the sierras it is not look like much from this system. as you go towards midnight
5:49 pm
and to buy for eight and the snowfall will start. we will see some by 6:00 a.m. and continuing but you can see it tapering off to the leader morning hours. later morning hours. temperatures are going to remain on the cooler side. 60s for the coast. 70's for portions of the inland valleys a look at your extended valley with rain tonight and early tomorrow but improving conditions tomorrow. friday, and especially towards the weekend what a gorgeous weekend. and a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures. that is next. >> let us take a look at your drive. the san mateo bridge. you can see those headlights are going eastbound from foster city towards hayward. it looks like it is slow and go. it is halloween, and there is more than ghosts with child
5:50 pm
predator risks coming up
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>> law enforcement agencies are out making that october 31st registered child offenders cannot have halloween decorations. that is impacting the family and even after they have off probation. we will have more on this at 8 and the reminder that trigger treat chaperones stay safe. only approach homes with a light on and stay in groups.
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5:56 pm
>> more coverage of the world series champions. and the san francisco police have this are rest with the vandalism of a public minibus toward the celebration the arrests. >> the rain staying away from the parade but not for the trick or treaters. it
5:57 pm
could be pressing south what to expect, coming up.
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>> announcer: the kron 4 news at 6:00 p.m. starts now >> the san francisco giants and their fans showed their love for each other. it is a sea of black and orange. the ceremony at city hall. this world series championships the giants are winning their second title in three years. this parade down market street. hundreds of thousands of giants fans packed into the city. showing off their team spirit. >> did you skip work? >> yes. >> because i love the giants. this is giants halloween wednesday, ysidro,
6:00 pm
redemption. i knew the we were going to do it. >> ysidr >> . tebow - that is >> barry zito..... (state song) >> willie mays! the gold and land. san francisco, >> we deserve to soak this>> bruce boccy!
6:01 pm
and attack >> the tag never say die the tagline. we had some key team members part of the season is getting down to st. louis, the reds, and we never say die. and that last game against detroit. which the first time we got behind and we never say die. >> when we struggled during the year i thought of the 42,000 fans that were planning on the field. that only gave us more courage. more energy to play hard for you. >> cincinnati were not as loud as you. we want to st. louis there were not as loud as you. quite frankly to the detroit fans were not
6:02 pm
even were not as loud as you. >> you better be proud. you need to be proud. and make sure that we are all world series champions orange and black in san francisco. >> everybody joins me with the hands in the air. and we will bring this in the with a slow clap. ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra the ladies and gentleman, the one and only tony bennett! san (i left my heart in san
6:03 pm
francisco) sea when i come home to you, san francisco, the golden sun will shine for me shine for me. >> thank you very much. >> nobody does it better than tony bennett. grant lotus is live with today's awesome celebration. >> i am at the lucky guy and
6:04 pm
it was amazing. the skies held off the the rain held off but it is drizzling. outside city hall at civic center plaza. you see they are working hard. before the rain released first to pick up. there is a love affair between the giants and the fans. they go to every game. and so many people through the bay area called out of work. 1 million people they have been here every single day. >> we have a great group of guys that enjoy playing with each other. they have a greater appreciation for baseball. thank goodness we have good players i did not think we could have a
6:05 pm
victory without world series players that are amazingly tests. the combination is this outcome that we have. >> these have been behind us and we are definitely not in here without them. we cannot think of enough. >> this is part of their journey. and we cannot think them-enough. they got a taste of what is possibly for us. >> this is pretty incredible. everybody seems more excited in 2010 than 2010 to this live look from the sky. to many people did not go to school. or their parents to choosing to start helping a little bit early the orange, the black everywhere you look and we are continuing to outside civic center plaza. the city hall is eliminated in orange is only 98 days until spring
6:06 pm
training. the season is officially over and the next season is only 98 days away. grant lotus, kron 4. >> to there was a day for the giants to think their fans. this festive atmosphere just team continues to work and team coverage with justine walden.. >> we are going to enjoy today and have some fun we definitely appreciate it. by the time is over we will understand what we did. >> the champions got into their victory chariots and assigned color autographs and posed for pictures. >> we are trying to catch our breath over what just happened we can see the fans and it is just blows you away. >> this is what the child
6:07 pm
wanted to see what they dreamed about becoming a professional player. >> it is with a dream about it is humbling and i am very grateful to be here. >> it is what you work for to celebrate this championship with that this city. everybody here is so passionate and knowledgeable of baseball. we feel that every night at at&t park. today is fun for us and them. we get to celebrate. >> fans were screaming at the top of their lungs. and to the ticker tape rained down and the world championships. >> unreal what a reception. it is the part that we have all season long. it is a throw, it is what it is all about. >> it is great, it is great, so many people unbelievable.
6:08 pm
crazy. awesome! unbelievable, unbelievable, it is great. the cleanup efforts happened quickly. we can only hope that we can see this all again next year. in san francisco, justine waldman, kron 4. we have you covered. a special commercial free rebroadcast comcast's 193. were also available tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. on 24/7 weather is for stand news ccomcast 193. developing news. these two guys were shot in the tenderloin district in there fighting for their lives. we have life coverage.
6:09 pm
>> there were two people shot. one person was shot in the stomach and released but the person in the shot in the possibly the head was still and curly life threatening surgery. this is near turkish/leavenworth. we all know that is is giants parade connected. it is the intersection near leavenworth/kir. the police for collecting evidence and leavenworth between turk was shut down. again we do not know why these two people were shot. the one in the stomach and the one in the upper body. the man shot in the stomach was released. the man shot in the upper body is clinging to life.
6:10 pm
the police do not know who they are looking for. at this point we did not have a suspect description. clearly many people were seen running so we do not know if we of one or multiple suspects that we're dealing with here with this shooting. >> the police say that the gang task force is involved in this investigation and that the detectives are looking at surveillance video card reporting live, kron 4. >> they are looking for your help for these people to help identify who set this public muni bus on fire. today gregory granice... perhaps you recognize some of the arsonists? >> the giants would not have this we will not have this and of course our friends
6:11 pm
out there and social media land took huge exception for the guy that mr grance they were instrumental on his arrest. we believe that they can come poured into the other characters arrested. >> j.r. stone is following this with the new pictures tonight at 8:00 p.m. >>jacqueline: this live look from a golden gate bridge camera. the rainfall approaching from the north bay. still, pretty dry. cloudy and rainy is concentrated to the north with heavy conditions through petaluma. and let us take a look through windsor, santa rosa, and rohnert park. the yellow is representing rainfall rates with 1/4 per hour. it is a pretty good downpour toward and lighter rainfall through panama, novato and san
6:12 pm
rafael and also some moderate rainfall along the coast guard however, through san francisco is not hitting the ground through -- petaluma. >>jacqueline: as we take a look at future cast is right on time to 6:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m. and from the north bay. fairly widespread and we can see south of the golden gate will continue to see this progression of this system. later. and for tomorrow morning how it could impact your morning commute, coming up. >> the massive cleanup efforts on the east coast. after after super storm sandy.
6:13 pm
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>> residents are picking up the pieces of this path of destruction of sandy. you jersey suffered a direct hit. sunny skies but the cleanup is only in the beginning of the hardest-hit areas. chris welsh. >> president obama was joining chris chris dewitt storm ravaged new jersey the shoreline took the worst of the storm.
6:16 pm
>> we are here for you and will not stop until you get everything you need and you are rebuilt. the with blue skies a more clear picture and the iconic seaside heights amusement park to the queens borough rabin urged by fire and flooding. in lower manhattan and attend to return to business as usual nea mayor but michael bloomberg opening the ringing bells. and there is a long way to go before the city in the state will return to normal. the this is in long-term recovery effort and that is what we need to think about it >> across the hudson in hoboken, new jersey and national guard were helping thousands of residents trapped by flood waters. >> i was trying to regroup
6:17 pm
and i lost the first floor and i will come back and dig that out. >> 900 hotel guests had to be knocked athey had to be -- evacuated. it was just not strong enough to have the 95 mph wind. and the high winds also through this century tree in new haven, connecticut. was planted in 1909 of admiral foot his story is that this tree used to be a burial ground in the 1600's. all of the headstones were removed but some of the bodies were left behind there could have been 1000 people. in that -----
6:18 pm
>> we are going to be getting some rainfall. taking a live look from the golden gate. we are seeing cloudy skies but no rainfall through oakland but a different story to oakland. the stormtracker 4 radar heavy over santa rosa and moderate. near the north bay coast and also on shore. as we take a look of the north a santa rosa, and rohnert park. moderate. hi 101, with one quarter of 1 in. per hour. and down near sun rafael the rainfall will continue approaching through san rafael overnight. the tail end of this system that is finally sliding into the north bay. let us take a look at future cast. by 9:00 a.m., heavy rainfall through
6:19 pm
the heart of the bay area. continuing by 10:00 a.m. and showers picking up in the south bay. by midnight, most of those locations are impacted and will continue to see somebody weather cells. heavy over napa, san francisco and we move towards 5:00 p.m. also heavy near the coast. towards the east bay shore the commute could improve for late tomorrow morning. and mostly clear skies by 2:00 p.m. for snowfall in the sierras it does not look like we will see a lot. the rainfall approaching at the lower elevations overnight. but some snowfall popping up on future cast. as we go for the later morning hours we will see more of that snowfall but not that much. conditions are starting to dry out in the sierras tomorrow. temperatures are
6:20 pm
going to stay cool. we will improve for the weekend. 64 degrees in san francisco, richmond, 60s to richmond, concord, san jose. conditions could improve by friday and for the weekend. we will start the day with fog along the coast and sunshine with warmer temperatures. that warming trend will continue saturday, sunday, with nearly 80s on monday. stay with us.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
>> decision 2012 obama is going to return to the campaign trail tomorrow. after seeing the damage from sandy. mitt romney also returning to the trial in florida. however president obama is taking another day off to take a look the storm ravaged new jersey
6:24 pm
>> please, if you have an extra dollar and send it along and keep the people that are and harm's way or were in harm's way keep them in your thoughts and prayers. we love all of our fellow citizens and we all come together and would like to help with their personal and financial loss. >> as a reminder kron 4 will have extended, live coverage coming up on tuesday. you can also say updated on our website kron 4 .com we will be back.
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
>> still more coverage the giants fans and the attempt to the u.s. mexico border.
6:28 pm
>> and the radar showing rainfall activity towards the coast. details on how long that will last, coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
the announcer:kron 4 news continues >> the cleanup is well under way after the celebration of the civic center plaza celebration outside of city hall. the fans were thrilled to see their heroes. and the surprise, tony bennett singing, " i left my heart in san francisco ". a memorable way to commemorate the world series victory. grant lotus, kron 4. >> the world series thank their fans for the victory parade. >> this city deserves it,
6:31 pm
too, and real. all season long they backed us up. and unreal... >> great, great, so many people that is a great moment. >> in san francisco, justine walden kron 4 >> now that the parade is over the parade party is just beginning for the cleanup. >> to do skip work? >> yes. >> what would you normally be doing today? >> normally i would be in school. why are you not in school? >> because i love the giants. reporting in san francisco. kron 4. >> continuing our coverage we've already seen san francisco public works out cleaning up. big crowds, big mess, you can see they were down the street making sure that everything was clear. so that the streets could go
6:32 pm
back to normal. terisa of the specikron 4 >> there was no cellphone reception before or even after because it with 1 million people between just 2 mi.. the networks were jammed. you could not text message it was very frustrating for the fans. >> you cannot get any photos, no internet, but we have a full bars. >> i cannot post pictures on facebook. nothing, i cannot text, i cannot receive the text. go giants. >> we wanted to post photos but we cannot get anything out. everybody has their phones and they are locked. gabrielle slate..
6:33 pm
kron 4 >> the police have arrested this man are rested for destroying this public muni bus. however, they need your help with these arsonists. the chief spoke about this wednesday evening. he will coordinate with the district attorney, the city's office to hold people accountable for their actions. to see that restitution is paid. j.r. stone, kron 4 news. >> in san jose opening arguments on the trial of an elementary school principal. he is feeling to report a teacher of sexually molesting several students. prosecutors alleged that they knew what was going on but a field report it to police. >> this entire trial is a reasonable person would not
6:34 pm
have thought that an act of troubl abuse occurred. convinced that his inappropriate conduct was part of an elaborate lesson plan rob fladeboe, kron 4. >> the rainfall pushing through as we speak. we have rainfall to the north bay. there is of moderate rainfall through santa rosa up to it and around petaluma. san francisco, at this hour. we will continue to see this pressing south the east bay, the peninsula, and towards the south bay with moderate rainfall continuing. as the main band of rainfall but individual showers. and by 2:00 a.m., overnight was a moderate rainfall. and the same by 7:00 a.m. the east bay shores but improving conditions by 10:00 a.m. clearer south of the golden
6:35 pm
gate. some of these areas could be heavy but clearing by thursday however still cool. sunny and warmer temperatures. definitely, an improvement as we see the rainfall pushing through later. it will be sunny, warm with temperatures in the 70's. >> now here is stanley what robbers' who felt some people behaving badly. >> the giants are celebrating. he found- stanley roberts -- who found some people behaving badly. >> i am here to watch not the parade, but for the record i was at the parade. but i had a difficult time convincing one person. >> who is standing? >> stanley? he is probably on montgomery and stewart. >> he is somewhere. he is
6:36 pm
somewhere somewhere, he is out there watching those bad boys and those bad girls. let us get down to business. ever become a little bit closer people will stand on just about anything to see it is not safe but standing in front of a satellite antenna might not be the smartest thing to do. it looks like somebody managed to find something inside of this building. and apparently this person did not heed the warning. somehow all of my elements are a thing of the past because of the san francisco cigarettes. i'm sorry, i met medical where marijuana. >> i am able to take car my hel health. >> the san francisco giants,
6:37 pm
number one. >> and here. >> and here. >> it is enough to turn a dog into a rasta >> i got caught behaving badly. and more climbing. what is the sudden urge to climb on things? this scored upon this, or this ledge of a building. this port of potty and did not get me started on this alcohol with loco and who drinks that much at noon? after all the san francisco giants did when the world series again. congratulations. the best baseball team in the world. in san francisco called the greatest city in the world,
6:38 pm
stanley roberts, kron 4.
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
>> take a look it these photos from arizona of the border patrol's name that smugglers tried to drive this jeep over a 14 high fence over this makeshift ramp. you can see that the jeep got struck and the iran towards mexico. the seized the cheap--the suspects-ran back to mexico. after seizing the ch-jeep >> this is the last look at the jobs report before the voters go to the polls. last month the unemployment rate was 7.8%. it was down from 8.1% from about august.
6:42 pm
>> ups is expecting a 10% increase with the projection rise because of an increase of online shopping. ups is the primary delivery for many retailers notably if amazon it will hire 55,000 seasonal workers to handle this. that is about the same from last year we will be back.
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
>> every halloween law enforcement is to in their part to make sure that kids stay safe. the new part is that the new law is that child sex offenders cannot help following declarations. that impacts the families they cannot have -- halloween decorations. much more on this at 8 but as a reminder to make sure that your kids stay safe. and only go to homes with their lights on. are you expecting
6:46 pm
them to bring home candy? how about teaching them to give. >> americans were going to spend $8 billion on halloween according to retailers. with $2.3 billion worth of candy. all of that sweet stuff can scare parents consider some truckick taken thes spooky for pediatric dentists. over the last few they have initiated candy buy back. they can bring in that there can be for cash. and halloween candy to find a dentist near you. the dentist will be a operation gratitude one of the few groups that puts that for
6:47 pm
u.s. troops overseas. others have similar efforts include operation shoe box. and this year these images of the aftermath of super storms and the might want to do something. consider donating to treats to the east coast. >> the warriors open their season but will they have their man in the middle. and this sea of orange and black jayson is next with your sports.
6:48 pm
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
>> welcome back this historic day celebrating a second world series title in just three years. hundreds
6:51 pm
of thousands lined market street. fire trucks with john miller and fleming and willie mays, bruce boccy and jim harbaugh and matt king was driven by alex smith. matt kin-matt camein and also lincecum will be back next year. matt cain was instrumental and angel pagan and hunter pence was one of the key acquisitions late in the season and was really fired up in the playoffs. if you believe the players and sergio romo with ryan
6:52 pm
vogelsong really instrumental also in the post season and the regular season. . ysidro documenting the moment. the number 5 and ververy barry zito and pablo sandoval and the procession made its way to the civic center were mayor ed lee started the festivities. >> hosts world we are to have the champions back and san francisco! hosts world are we? >> and this is the broom to the city! congratulations, on a sweeping the world series championship. so, how
6:53 pm
incredible it is this? right now, right here, our second world championship in three years. this is our chapter. >> the one thing we have that no other organization is where everybody is on the same page. the ownership, the front office, the general manager, the manager, the coaching staff, it goes up, down. and it is all because of one man and how he has striven these men together. and i cannot say are enough to say what he does and it is long overdue. >> to all of the fans for your enthusiasm, dedication and on wavered support, i thank you. i think you for always being there on your on wavered -- unwavered
6:54 pm
support and always showing up where'll ever we have been. thank you for making this one of being one of the best moments of my life. >> the detroit tigers they are (crowd ) outta here. >> know they hardly stand before you today and their accomplishments have matched of the ferocity of your adoring and devotion. there is no other way to say it. and to allow them and once again, they can say it loudly, we are the giants! we are san francisco! we are the world champions! >> let's go giants (crowd
6:55 pm
chanting) >> we went to cincinnati and they were not as loud as you. st. louis, and quite frankly detroit was not even as close as loud as you and that is why wh onee won.. >> as i said, you better be proud. you'd need to be proud and that is for sure that we're all world series champions. orange, black in san francisco. >> there is one simple thing that happened with this team that has not been talked about in half and was sacrificed. when i talked to these guys i asked everybody to sacrifice themselves in play for each other. we are wanting you to join in and all the players we are going to show you this slow clap.
6:56 pm
i'm with you to lose your minds because this is how we did it. gentlemen, ladies and gentleman this is how we get ready for the team, baby. >> with your hands in the air, and we are going to bring this up with a rah rah rah raa raa rah rah.. >> truly a magical season for the giants. and the future looks bright as well this is a young team with big contracts. it could contend for quite some time. and are you ready for basketball? the warriors a huge payday. curry with a four year extension he will be in the playoffs tonight with phoenix. and the
6:57 pm
somewhat of a surprise the center, and her will be in the lineup. >> happy halloween
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
how the president and mitt romney's response to superstorm sandy could affect their campaigns? >> as the stars share own devastation and head back to work. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. we have lost power. water. we're in darkness. >> kelly ripa evacuated in sa y sandy's aftermath. >> anderson hit by flooding. >> my house is under two feet of water. >> how the media is covering the tragedy. >> it's like the apocalypse. plus, the president's jersey flyover today. romney's florida rally. how the candidates are handling campaigning after the disaster? >> one thing that disappeared from his speech was making fun of mitt romney. kate moss topless and opening up about drugs. new katy perry with her dad. >> you're taking your dad tonight?

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